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Who was Fangio?

Juan Manuel Fangio, Havana, Cuba

Juan Manuel Fangio is generally considered as one of the best drivers in Formula 1 history, and by many international experts like the best sport pilot for all time.

He was world champion on five occasions, including winning four consecutive championships from 1954-1957. Fangio is the only driver in the history of F1 champion who won with 4 different teams: Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. He won 24 Formula 1 races of the 51 which were disputed today as Official Racing, taking even today’s highest average of wins in the history of F1. In 1957 he won the race in Nürburgring, after being 48 seconds behind the race leader.

His record of 5 world remained unscathed until 2003 when he was overtaken by the German driver Michael Schumacher. However, his percentage of wins (47%) has remained unmatched so far...

Perhaps Juan Manuel Fangio is more appreciated by his adversaries that by his followers, as many of them, like Stirling Moss, have referred to him as the best driver of all time, not only for his sportmanship, but for his chivalry on the track and the pits. Fangio always gave great importance to team work, he praised his mechanics, worked on an equal footing with his team, and always said that without the mechanics he would have achieved little . His straighforwardness, coupled with cold determination on the tracks, made him a gentleman while carrying the aura of invincibility. Moss used to refer to him as "... a cold fury, glacial ..."

His remains rest in the cemetery of his hometown, Balcarce, in the province of Buenos Aires.

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