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Amigos de Fangio

The circuit of Havana’s Malecon was were the two Grand Prix of Cuba were held in 1957 and 1958. The events that happened there also sped up the changes in Cuban society.

It is in this place, popularly known as la Piragua, where Amigos de Fangio meets. The meeting of our club is every Saturday at 4 pm. Our active members present their classic cars and motorcycles which are judged for elegancy and the prize is awarded by a vote of those present.

One of the most important activities we have made since our foundation is the creation of a permanent exhibition of ceramic tiles better knows as the Circuit of Fame. It is a tribute to artists, athletes and other persons from Cuba and the world that in one way or another have had something to do with motor sport. They are all Friends of Fangio

Alberto Granados

Friend of Ernesto Che Guevara. Visited with him six Latin American countries on Norton 500 motorcycle


Eusebio Leal

Historian of the City and conservationist of Cuban Heritage Automotive



Maria de los Angeles SantanaMaría de los Angeles Santana

Renowned artist of Cuban culture, one of the first women to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle in Cuba


Elías Regalado

Winner of the race Sagua-Havana in 1955



Remo Bartollucci

Supporter, cultural promotor and an italian friend



Giovanni Andreatta

Supporter, cultural promotor and an italian friend



Jesús "Pocho" García

Friend from Uruguay, international representant for South America of L.A.M.A



Dinorah del Real

Speaker on Cuban television. She was carnival queen in 1955 and has close links to racing cars

Manuel E. Muñíz

One of the best Cuban sport car drivers from the 50's

José López Álvarez (Lopito)

Painter and ex-cameraman of Cuban TV. He captured with his camera the tragic accident involving Garcia Sifuentes on the circuit pier in 1958

Club MC Travel DK

Motorcycle Club from Denmark. They made their first appearance in Cuba with 37 Harley Davidson motorcycles. This is the biggest motorcycle club in Denmark

Club de Motocicletas Harley Davidson L.A.M.A

The biggest motorcycle club in Latin America. It also has members in Cuba


Club from Denmark. Made its third appearance in Cuba, with 15 NINBUS motorcycles, exclusive Danish brand as well as five other.

 Room Museum Juan Manuel Fangio, Lincoln Hotel, Havana city